Quarantine Diary Day 5

Today symptoms seem less serious than initial considering I have completed the first round of medication that doctor had prescribed, even though I have actually requested another round because I thought I might need more days to recover. This is also my first time to complete whole course of medication which I didn’t expect as I always have some ‘leftover’ in my medication. Considering how strong this virus is, I have also expected my test results to be still positive today, and hopefully will change to negative by tomorrow. I still might have some phlegm in my throat, but it does not has the swollen feeling as before.

My poor girl will still have to take her medicine till her cough is less persistent. She has been asking when she can go back to school as she doesn’t want to miss a day, especially tomorrow is her first oral exam of the year. She has been working hard for it yet the virus came at the wrong time. She may have more time to prepare now but will not able to take the exam together with her friends this time. She will have to take this alone. Good luck to her then.

I should get ready to clean the house tomorrow since my health is better and need to to get back to work soon, or clearing emails at the very least. Today shall be the last day to rest fully as I slept almost whole day for the first time still feeling drowsy despite I have the last drop of medicine to take.

My very hope is for my girl to recover fully so she can enjoy school as usual and this virus will be gone forever from our house and family. It was a torture for the first few days and that shall be our last experience on it. Thank you for visiting and we will not welcome ‘you’ again.

Quarantine Diary Day 4

There is a chinese saying, “祸不单行”, it means when trouble comes, there comes another. As I thought I was going to recover soon or at least self isolation for few more days, now my girl is also down with covid. Her symptoms are fever and cough.

We might have neglected how contagious this virus is so might have missed out some protective steps previously. We thought we have done all the precautions yet the virus still attacks us. No matter how strong your immune system seems to be, always better to be over protective than never.

Life has to go on, I am counting down to another 3 days and need to take care of my girl at least till her fever subsides. This is my first time finishing my medication and still not fully recovered. This shows how powerful the virus is. The side effects are what I am worried too. There are many rumours so we shall see which I might have fall into.

No pictures for today because need to remorse for the day. Thank you.

Quarantine Diary Day 3

If you are not aware, in my country, after 72 hours of self isolation, you can do a self-test to check if negative or positive. If test result is showing as negative, you are free from quarantine. But if the test result still shows positive, this means you have to continue to self-isolate till Day 7. After that, regardless your test results, you are free to go anywhere, that includes out of your house (this also provided you are fully vaccinated; otherwise need to wait till Day 14).

This morning, I woke up with swollen throat and coughing phlegm again. Not as struggle as yesterday but felt abit better today. However, this does not cover the fact that I am indeed still positive. Hence I will have to continue to self-isolate for another 4 days before I can meet the world. For all you know, I might not go out of my house if I am still positive, just to be safe from others too.

Being alone in a room these few days, trigger my writing thoughts and dreamt a lot (as the medicine makes me drowsy) but somehow my memory being wiped out when I woke up, so I can’t really remember what I dreamt too. Some people say after recovered from Covid, they tend to be forgetful, memory is not as good as before. I think it would be worst for me since my memory is already poor before getting this virus. That makes me wonder how I am down with this virus even though I have done so much precaution. Or maybe somewhere I have neglected to be careful from.

In any case, this shall be a lesson for me. I have to continue practising good washing habits and keeping a social distance. You never know when it will hit on you. By then, it would be too late to regret too.

Today is a home alone day because all are busy. I settled my own meals surprisingly and thus I did not take any photos of my meals today. The picture of today’s result is to remind myself, don’t assume that you would not get it. Think of how you can prevent it.

the two lines refer to positive just as if you are pregnant

Quarantine Diary Day 2

My day 2 is another torturous day because I have been coughing out phlegm which I assume virus in the phlegm. The throat is like swollen and felt painful when I swallowed plain water only. Luckily I still have appetite to eat but worried I might become fat after this quarantine period.

The medicine supposed to make me drowsy but somehow it is like making me to cough out phlegm and couldn’t really sleep well. Especially when I am lying down on bed, the phlegm just coming out itself. So is either cough or blow out by nose. I tried both ways but it seems the phlegm is non-stop.

Today afternoon I actually had ‘something’ accompany me which scared me off. The cockroach (or something like insect?) was crawling against the window wall, giving me some creeps. Hence I had to spray something before can let it go. It was a hectic afternoon.

Other than that, I am thankful that someone is there for me and still managed to cook meals for me. When he was quarantined, I didnt cook much but ordered food delivery much. Therefore, I am really appreciative on his actions. Thank You Love =)

Quarantine Diary Day 1

Today marks my first day to have known I have covid. It started off with dry cough and slight fever. But it didnt ‘wash’ away the virus despite I washed my hands often. When the time has come, it will happen and is inevitable. Not sure if consider lucky or blessed with the shots, maybe it does help a little that I don’t feel much of others said. And maybe because of dry coughing or the virus, i started coughing with phlegm. The doctor said I’m the first patient of positive case in his clinic today even though I do not want to be his first case. Hence, he gave me 7 days MC.

When I received the SMS from MOH, it further confirmed that I am positive, cannot run away. Since I am the positive patient, I am also entitled to collect ART kits (lesser than before but still good enough). Today’s protocol is self-isolate for 72hours. If test negative after that, I am free to go out but if still test positive, I will have to wait for Day 7 noon to officially go out. Fortunately, I still have time to tidy house and took whatever I need to my ‘quarantine’ room.

I wanted to write this down so I have somewhere to refer to when I recall how those days are. I don’t know if I can bear with days being alone in room but i told my family and friends that this is my entitled “me time”. Thankfully someone is here to handle my meals, and most importantly, he can cook, so there is no worries of not enough food.

Somehow I might have this virus, I actually ask him to buy bird’s nest for me to soothen my throat. If he remembers, he might get it during my quarantine days. (praying hard he remembers). I have not lost my taste yet but I can feel my throat is inflammed whenever I swallow saliva. I guess symptoms varies for people but there are still some similarity. Most importantly, don’t assume you won’t get it, it is more of monitor your health condition frequently and self-test if you have those symptoms. Do not hestitate to see doctor too if you are feeling very unwell. But for good practice, do a self test first before seeing the doctor and let the nurse know so they know how to handle.

I shall not say much as this is only Day 1, I still have many more days to write. Below is also my first cooked meal that satisfy my dinner.











佩佩,祝你二十二岁生日快乐。她拿起放在盘上的串串棒, 食物拼凑的二十二,好浪漫啊。大她十岁的男友,李总,是跨国公司的总监,每天都忙于工作,很少时间陪她。佩佩看到他用心准备的生日惊喜,已经很感动了。







One Piece




门外突然有人敲门,“小女孩,可以给我一杯水吗?”小爱心想,不能随便开门,问了,“你是谁?” “我是你奶奶。” 小爱懵了,奶奶不是已经过世了吗?她听着声音感觉不像是坏人,就开了门看看。果然是个奶奶,可是不像是她的奶奶啊。她让老奶奶在门边的小凳子坐着,自己跑到厨房找水来。她小心翼翼地给老奶奶一杯水,老奶奶很快地喝完了,又和小爱讨水喝。小爱想着老奶奶应该是很渴了,立刻再拿一杯水。

老奶奶喝完水又向小爱讨水喝。小爱忍不住问,”老奶奶,天气很热吧,水还够吗?“ 老奶奶笑着说,”最后一杯就够了。” 可是当小爱从厨房回到门外,老奶奶不见了!她想可能老奶奶在赶路,急忙走了。于是,她回到房间想继续画画,可是树上的小鸟也不见了!

小爱在想是不是自己忘记画完小鸟还是还没画到?她就开始再画小鸟。可是画着画着又睡着了。门外又突然有人敲门,“小女孩,可以给我一杯水吗?”小爱问道,”“你是谁?” “我是你奶奶。” 小爱又懵了,奶奶怎么又回来了。可是她还是准备给老奶奶一杯水。正要开门时,奶奶怎么又不见了!



Happy Children’s Day!



他在打扫老和尚的房间是,发现有个纸条写着,《学校记录》,他想学校是什么?于是他去找老和尚好奇地问,“什么是学校?”老和尚说,“山腰下有一所学校,你去看看就知道了。” 小和尚毫不犹豫地准备去学校的旅程要用的和吃的。和老和尚告别后就开始启程了。

他走到半路,有一片田地。田地有个农夫在收割。小和尚好奇地问农夫,“这个是什么?” “这是米啊。”农夫说。小和尚觉得和自己煮的长得不一样啊。农夫又说,“这是还没收割好的米呀。”小和尚抓着头,还是不明白。农夫让小和尚把他早上收割好的米给小和尚瞧瞧。果然是米啊!小和尚再问,怎么又一样了?”农夫笑着说,“这就是你每天煮的米呀!老和尚有时会和我买啊!”小和尚顺便问道,“这是去学校的方向吗?农夫点点头,指着对的方向。小和尚再次感谢农夫又继续旅程。





My Miracle Baby

If your race is a Chinese and married, you are most likely expected to have children of your own and have your own family. They also believe having sons will help carry bloodline of your family tree. I am not sure about other races and their culture, but having children after married seems to be normal routine. For my case, having baby or even pregnant is difficult during my early years of marriage.

When I first know that I was pregnant, I didn’t actually believe the first test results and had another method to confirm my pregnancy with the doctor. As the baby growing healthily inside my tummy, my usual sensitive nose and gastric were not recurring at all as before. I might not have any morning sickness or cravings to any food, all the diet and activities were as per normal as if she was absorbing all my ‘badness’ that had been haunting me.

The day I was having labour contractions, not sure if due to my pain threshold or my nervousness overcome the pain, I still had epidural (a kind of anaesthetic normally used when labour) and that relaxed the dilation process to be faster. However, I assumed she was too excited to see the world, the gynae recommend Caesarean instead of natural birth. So, this is how she was born to our world.

There are many things to learn as a new parent and there are many advisors from family, friends and social media. It’s quite hard to follow all advices we have received but sometimes you would need to judge it by yourself or follow your instinct. Apparently, it is what you do, the child will follow you, thats why they always say you should lead by example.

Ever since she knows how to talk, we often shared how she was born and how she is a miracle to us. Without her, we would not know what is family like and what is happiness to us. Without her, I might not know how to do many things. Today is her birthday. I just hope she would be always healthy and happy. She should know we love her too.

Happy Birthday to my girl. xoxo

Happy Birthday!
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